All our lights utilise high output (premium ‘bin’) LEDs, and class leading reflector systems designed to maximise light output in varying beam patterns optimised for road and off-road use. Lights have a 5 year warranty (2 year for Utility Series) and are built to last.

Linear represents the ultimate in low profile auxiliary LED lighting. The comprehensive Triple-R range utilises boost optics to provide the ultimate in long-range visibility. Sentinel is our new range of 9″ round lamps for 2021, while the ST and T Evolution lights deliver a ‘drive’ beam pattern well-suited to rural road and off-road use. The Carbon Series, alongside our Rally Pods, represent extreme lightweight solutions for the Motorsport sector, while the Utility Series utilises the latest ‘high density’ LEDs for exceptional work light performance.

279,95 incl. BTW
42,5047,50 incl. BTW
714,95869,95 incl. BTW
714,95869,95 incl. BTW
249,95 incl. BTW
309,95 incl. BTW
634,95 incl. BTW
714,95869,95 incl. BTW
184,95 incl. BTW
179,95 incl. BTW
16,95 incl. BTW
484,95 incl. BTW
674,95 incl. BTW
1.494,96 incl. BTW
1.284,95 incl. BTW