Vision X Lighting based in Seattle, WA, USA, established in 1997 with the mission to revolutionize the lighting industry 

Today is exactly what we do.

From our offices in Seattle, we plan and develop future technologies to provide ever more reliable and more efficient projectors of the latest generation.

Our factory (‘’Vision X Asia’’) in South Korea is among the most modern plants in the world, with advanced equipments to manufacture and test all our products.
Thanks to steady growth in recent years, at the beginning of 2015, we opened our new production ” home ” that extends over a surface of 15,000 m2. Our factory has also achieved certifications such as ISO9001 & 14001 as well as several awards for its environmental friendliness.

Vision X Europe in Belgium was created in 2011 to strengthen the image and continue to evolve the brand on the old continent. ! Everyday new customers and partners join us, trust us so we can make all machines equipped for the next generation of our LED lights. Vision X Lighting is one of the key players and suppliers of lighting solutions for all types of static and rolling stock. Prestigious companies such as NASA, the US Army and other major world renowned machinery manufacturers work with us; from mining to agricultural crops through the seas and forests to finish on our roads to help public aid.

There’s always a Vision X brand projector that is perfect for you!

105,12 incl. BTW
131,44304,04 incl. BTW
131,44 incl. BTW
330,601.459,11 incl. BTW
197,82396,98 incl. BTW
197,82436,81 incl. BTW
715,621.392,73 incl. BTW
104,88 incl. BTW
157,99396,98 incl. BTW
330,60728,89 incl. BTW
370,42728,89 incl. BTW
78,34211,10 incl. BTW
130,12304,04 incl. BTW
343,871.578,60 incl. BTW
622,681.578,60 incl. BTW
755,451.857,41 incl. BTW
237,661.857,41 incl. BTW
304,043.052,32 incl. BTW
396,981.326,34 incl. BTW
489,92569,57 incl. BTW
157,99396,98 incl. BTW
728,892.919,55 incl. BTW
19,9251,78 incl. BTW
19,9251,78 incl. BTW
46,46169,94 incl. BTW
157,99396,98 incl. BTW
184,55370,42 incl. BTW
184,55370,42 incl. BTW
396,98861,67 incl. BTW