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If you have ever tried searching for Illuminated Toggle Switches Automotive, on the internet, you’ll find a variety of two or three position lever assemblies, with a single color illuminated plastic housing, and a long list of additional equipment to purchase, in order to make them functional. In addition, you will notice that, short of placing masking tape beneath each vehicle auxiliary switch, there is really no way to identify, or label, what each toggle switch controls.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have one, compact illuminated switch panel, that operates your truck, jeep or utv lights? And how about the ability to customize your switch panel to the specific accessories on your rig?

If your answer is a yes to any of the questions above, then a Switch-Pros brand switch panel power system is your answer. We make two systems, the SP9100 and the RCR-Force®12, both of which are designed to power 12 volt accessories on your vehicle. These two systems are designed to complement factory automotive switches, or, in some cases, allow you to bypass stock switches, and allow full control from our touch panel.